Health care, physical therapy and rehabilitation at The NLFI Spa MedicalClinic

NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic

Annually thousands of guests experience the benefits of treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation and many return repeatedly due to the excellent services at the NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic in Hveragerdi, South Iceland. 

Following an accident or illness, a person’s body and mind may not function as they did before. At the NLFI Spa and Medical Clinic, our purpose is to teach the mind, train the body, and lift the spirit to restore as much self-reliance as possible.

The Clinic was founded in 1955 by Jónas Kristjánsson, a medical doctor, who introduced new and revolutionary ideas about nutrition, health and health care.  The clinic combines the benefits of modern medical science with health care traditions of the Nature Health Association of Iceland.

The Association´s  policy emphasizes the learning of preventive measures in order to avoid various possible illnesses and to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.